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We Stand Together


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  Welcome to the Athol Road Primary School's Students Create the Future (SCF) official website!

Throughout 2016, we have been working on how to raise awareness of bullying. We decided to continue the process and bring it into 2017.
Members [2017]

Year 6's: Ashley, Christina, Helena, Hong Ye, Kueth & Vinh L

Year 5's: Aron, Amali, Jackson, Selene & Vinh N

Teachers: Maria-Rosaria Costabile

In 2016, we composed a song called 'Get Along' with the help of Michael Foster, who is part musician. A group of students were involved in the song, some wrote the lyrics, some sang and some helped with the music video. (You can watch the video in the 'Videos' tab.)

In 2017, we have decided to create a mural based on our slogan 'We Stand Together'. We also have a team who are working on a website (This website).

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